The Speech

One Minute Introduction

Intro photo by Sofia van der Dys

Hello, my name is Bob Nowak. I am a candidate for Houston City Council District C.

I am the City of Houston Webmaster, now in my 21st year.  Before that I was hired by the Chief of Staff of Mayor Lanier. My entire career in public service, I have worked with and among the highest levels of City government and their staffs.  I have done the websites of four Mayors and their divisions, two Controllers, and 62 Council Members.  I have served the people who serve the people. And now, I want to go from behind the scenes to the front and represent the people and businesses of District C. 

Now I don't look at this position as an expected reward for a long career in public service.  I will concentrate on budget, transparency, and neighborhoods ... all of which have a macro and micro effect on District C's biggest issue -- flooding and drainage.

I have lived in the neighborhoods of Braeswood, Montrose, Rice Military, and The Heights for 32 years.  District C is my home, and I look forward to serving you on City Council.